For Lenders

Join the One Dealer Lane network and revolutionize your relationships with outdoor recreational vehicle dealers.

One Dealer Lane provides forward-thinking dealerships access to numerous lending partners to help streamline and simplify the sales process. With seamless integration into the ODL platform, lenders can expect streamlined origination processes and increased performance metrics all in one place.

Centralized Access to the One Dealer Lane Network

ODL offers financial partners structured and efficient pipelines to the most advanced dealers. Connecting to the One Dealer Lane network is supported by industry expertise and years of experience in the lending space, ensuring that set-up and partnership are seamless and advantageous.

Increased Loan Volume from ODL Network Dealers

One Dealer Lane provides the infrastrucutre for a win/win relationship between dealers and lenders. Dealers on ODL typically prefer to work with a solid network of providers that is deep but not wide. These relationships, supported by our technology provide a gateway to increased volume of originated contracts from the ODL platform.

Streamlined Origination Process

The ODL infrastructure is purpose-built for consistency in the sales process, and that extends to the integration methodologies within our platform. Working with an ODL dealer ensures that data from our system is delivered in a consistent and structured method. Both parties benefit from eliminating duplicate entries and reducing errors in the communication process of lending.

Improved Data Quality

Enhance your underwriting process with improved data quality from One Dealer Lane. Access comprehensive and accurate data to make informed lending decisions.

Reduced Dealer Support

The cumbersom experience of gathering and formatting inputs for lending is a shared burden for the dealer and the lender. ODL is set up to address that inefficiency by standardizing the sales workflow to gather data in a structured format. Our workflows optimize the transaction process alongside building structured data to fulfill our integrations with lenders.

Increased Performance Metrics

One Dealer Lane is designed with the end in mind. Our platform provides a streamlined process that increases the throughput and efficiencies of the dealer. The byproduct of these optimizations increases the volume and quality for lending partners. Dealers have higher visibility on performance with their lending partners that results in a deeper partnerships with lenders through centralization.